Hola! My name is Daniel Uzquiano. I make and teach things related to typography, interaction and graphic design.

I am kind of obsessed with randomness and how machines can manage it to simulate fate and singularity.

My favorite projects

The decisive machine is just one button that triggers a “yes” or a “no” once pressed. Throw a question in the air, press the button and “enjoy”.

Bot_maleducat tweets an insult in Catalan every 12 hours. More than 1,500 randomly combined meanings. Made with Node.js, Twit and Heroku.

TypeFace_Bot is a bot that tweets a type-face every 30 minutes.

Responsive face is a bot face that adapts to the viewport and reacts to the sound of the microphone.

Gallaxy_bot was made to post a random picture of an undiscovered constellation every 30 minutes. This bot lost connection on November, 2017.

Color_comb tweets a random color combination picture every 30 minutes.

Color_random tweets a single random color every 30 minutes providing its hexadecimal reference and an image.

jmGarcia_bot recovers, retransmits and remixes the wonderful expressions of a famous spanish radio journalist.

LOOK___bot is a dada experiment. A tourist bot amazed by how different a person can be. This bot combines text and image in a very surreal way.