Hola! Hoi! & Hello! My name is Daniel Uzquiano Cruz.

I am a graphic designer. I make and teach things related to typography, interaction and graphic design.

Lately, I'm making things related to processing and weird twitter bots because they allow me to explore the concept of randomness

These are some of my twitter bots:

@bot_maleducat tweet a catalan insult every 12 hours. More than 1,500 randomly combined meanings. Made with Node.js, Twit and Heroku.

@gallaxy_bot was made to post a random picture of an undiscovered constellation every 30 minutes. This bot lost connection on November, 2017.

@color_comb tweets a random color combination picture every 30 minutes.

@color_random tweet a single random color every 30 minutes providing its hexadecimal reference and an image.

@AnswererBot answer any question with yes or no.

@jmGarcia_bot recovers, retransmits and remixes the wonderful expressions of a famous spanish radio journalist.

@LOOK___bot is a dada experiment. It is suposed to be a tourist bot amazed about how different a person can be. This experiment has been made with tracery and cheapbotsdonequick. This bot combines text and image in a very surreal way. You can check the source code in this twitter link.

@TypeFace_Bot is a bot that tweets a "type-face" every 30 minutes.

Scroll down (even more) to take a look to a selection of projects.

A low case letter a showing my typeface Dinousaur

Dinosaur Font

A low case letter a showing my typeface Polar Regular

Polar Regular
(Free Demo)

A low case letter a showing my typeface Goma

Goma Monospaced

A low case letter a showing my typeface Polar

Polar Typeface
(9 weights)

An upper case letter a showing my interactive app Abecedario